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2023 - PORTRAIT - Zéro Déchet FREAKS light _annacelestine-20.jpg

Hi everyone ! I'm Freaks, a young french freelance illustrator.

Since almost five years, I'm writing and self-publishing comic books that I beforehand publish for free on internet. For now, I have made three paper books that you can find in the "publication" tab of the present site. Although I've been studying in a french art school for a year and half, I consider myself as entirely self-learned.

Beyond my art, I'm a queer, fat and mad activist. Theses parts of who I am have a direct influence on my work, on what I decide to draw or not. I'm also an huge fan of animal art, which became quickly my specialisation.

I'm often open to commissions, so if you're interested, check the "contact" part ahead !


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